Dothan Pediatric Dentistry is a family oriented place.

All of us at Dothan Pediatric Dentistry have children and some of us have grandchildren.  We have been providing pediatric dental and orthodontic services to our community since 1979.  We've all grown up here, have family here, and have our roots firmly planted here.  We are part of this area and this area is part of us.  You might say we are "homegrown". 

Our Mission for the children.

It is our mission that when you enter our practice that you feel, become, and know you are one of us.  Your children and grandchildren are no different than our children and grandchildren and will be nurtured and cared for as such.  Dothan Pediatric Dentistry's staff and doctors cumulatively have over 180 years providing dental health care and over 135 years at Dothan Pediatric Dentistry.  Our history and experience as a health care team are unsurpassed.  Experience, education, technology, commitment to excellent and problem solving are hallmarks of Dothan Pediatric Dentistry.  Our profession is one of our many passions.  Welcome to Dothan Pediatric Dentistry.  We look forward to meeting you.

Policies at Dothan Pediatric Dentistry.

 Dothan Pediatric Dentistry has some policies to which we strictly adhere.   Number 1 is that we never seperate children from their parents.  It is well documented that seperation anxiety is one of a young child's greatest fears.  You will be hands on involved with every aspect of your child's care from the moment you enter Dothan Pediatric Dentistry.  At no time will you be apart from your child unless it is YOUR choice. Another policy is that every child will be treated as we would our own child. Short and long term goals are made and decisions are made and treatment provided in a manner that best suits reaching these goals. Every effort is made to be efficient and to avoid unnecessary procedures. Staying focused on each child's short and long term goals helps us stay on the pathway to achieving these goals. Our primary interest is what's in your child's best interest. Welcome to Dothan Pediatric Dentistry.