The Dothan Pediatric and Orthodontic Team for children.

We currently has 9 employees - 2 doctors, 2 adminstrative staff, and 5 clinical staff. Both doctors are board certified in their specialties and all clinical staff are registered dental hygienists (RDH). The 9 staff at Dothan Pediatric Dentistry have a total of 183 years experience in the dental field with a total of 137 years doing pediatric dentistry and orthodontics at Dothan Pediatric Dentistry. We have a highly skilled and professional staff who have worked together as a team for many years with an emphasis on continuing education and a commitment to excellence. Dothan Pediatric Dentistry would like for you to meet our staff:


Donna Parrish

StaffDonna graduated from Ashford High School in 1966 and worked in banking for 20 years before joining Dr. Flowers as office manager in 1986. Donna has been instrumental in making Dothan Pediatric Dentistry what it is today.  She literally is the heart beat that keeps Dothan Pediatric Dentistry organized and moving forward. Donna's banking and administrative background is the leadership that creates order out of "chaos". Dothan Pediatric Dentistry loves Donna and would never be the same without her. Donna has 3 grown children and 5 grandchildren. Donna was married to James for 28 years. James passed away August, 2009. WAR EAGLE!

Pam Vinson

StaffPam graduated from Rehobeth High School in 1975 and has been a smiling face in our office since 1990. Pam is a member of our administrative staff and probably one of the first you'll meet upon entering Dothan Pediatric Dentistry's office. Pam is our primary receptionist and will do everything she can to accommodate you with appointment times, insurance questions, checking in and checking out. Pam has been married to Greg since 1975, has 3 grown children, and 6 grandchildren. She is also a great cook and spoils us with her special treats. Dothan Pediatric Dentistry is very fortunate to have Pam as one of us. ROLL TIDE!

Shari Culver

StaffShari graduated from Seminole County High School, Donalsonville, Ga. in 1977. She took courses at Wallace College and graduated from Darton College's School of Dental Hygiene, Albany, Ga. in 1982. Shari joined Dr. Flowers as a hygienist in 1982 and is an irreplaceable entity of Dothan Pediatric Dentistry. Incidentally, Shari has known Dr. Crowder since Dr. Crowder was 7 years old. Shari's level of knowledge and skill with behavior management is unsurpassed. She is one of Dothan Pediatric Dentistry's most treasured assets. Her soft, gentle voice and manner has calmed many, many anxious children. Shari is married to Harvey and has one daughter who is now in college. GO TROJANS!!

Tammy Thurman

StaffTammy graduated from Ashford High School in 1984 and UAB's School of Dental Hygiene in 1987. Tammy has been working in clinical dentistry since 1985. She spent the early years of her career working with orthodontist Dr. Dan Helms before joining Dothan Pediatric Dentistry in 1996. Tammy brings so much "all around" talent and orthodontic experience to Dothan Pediatric Dentistry. One of her greatest assets is that she is not intimidated and will quickly share her opinion on what to do and what's "right". Tammy is another perfect fit for Dothan Pediatric Dentistry. Tammy is married to Jeff and has 2 children. ROLL TIDE!

Libby Harper

StaffLibby graduated from Ashford High School in 1992 and UAB's School of Dental Hygiene in 2010. Libby has been Dr. Flowers' primary assistant and "coach" since joining Dothan Pediatric Dentistry in 1997. She will not hesitate telling Dr. Flowers what she thinks he should do. Libby has been in clinical dentistry since 1992 and is extremely talented in all aspects of clinical pediatric dentistry and orthodontics. She is married to Jeff and has 2 children. WAR EAGLE!


Liza McNeill

StaffLiza graduated from Ashford High School in 2000 and UAB's School of Dental Hygiene in 2002. Liza has worked in clinical dentistry since 2000 and has been a valuable member of Dothan Pediatric Dentistry's clinical staff since 2008. Liza's primary focus is hygiene and orthodontics where her skills have reached a high level of expertise. Liza's positive attitude and "can do" spirit is a contagious asset for all at Dothan Pediatric Dentistry. Liza is married to Wesley and has 2 children. ROLL TIDE!

Pamela Campbell

StaffPamela graduated high school from Dixie Academy, Louisville, Al., in 1998 and UAB's School of Dental Hygiene in 2000. Before joining Dothan Pediatric Dentistry in 2008, Pamela worked for pediatric dentist Dr. Bernard Johnston until his retirement. Pam has been involved in clinical dentistry since 1997 and brings a lot of experience and talent to Dothan Pediatric Dentistry. Her gentle, quiet manner is truely an asset, especially with young children. Pamela's primary responsiblities are with hygiene and orthodontics. Pamela is married to William and has 2 children. ROLL TIDE!